Sharing Our 4-Legged Friends to Spread Smiles & Joy


At the Wellness Group our dogs excel as therapeutic dogs they are an antidote to depression. Studies have shown a decrease in both blood pressure and stress levels during therapy dog visits. A visit from one of our therapy dog teams can break the daily routine, increase overall emotional well-being, and stimulate the mind in dramatic ways. Our certified therapy dogs offer so many wonderful benefits to people of all ages such as:


  • Bringing joy and laughter, even if for a short time
  • Taking a person’s mind off of personal problems, aches, pains and worries
  • Getting people to share their emotions and stories
  • Giving a chance for people to communicate with others
  • Lowering stress levels and blood pressure
  • Rekindling warm memories of their pets

Our Therapy Dogs 

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  • Baci.jpg

Baci & Dash

Chihuahua @ Our Shelton Office


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Golden Retriver @ Our Oxford Office