Our Clinical Wellness Team

If you need help navigating life's obsticles,our therapists want to create a safe space for you

to be able to overcome and grow. 


Our counselors at the Wellness Center are committed to helping people change in ways that are consistent with the client’s spiritual beliefs. Current research has documented the positive effects that spiritual and religious beliefs have on the mental, emotional, and physical health of individuals and families. Christ-centered counseling for individuals and families. that is personal in approach, biblical in interpretation, and prayerful in application. When you see this symbol Therapist practices Christian Counselling.


When you see this symbol dog maybe available in session:Therapy dogs are sometimes called "comfort dogs." They support a person's mental health by providing attention and comfort. Their sweet demeanors and unconditional love may have a therapeutic benefit to those who face difficult health challenges When you see this Dog Paw symbol dog may be available in session with you.


Kelsie Cunha, LCSW
Betsy Rivera Ruiz, LCSW
Anna Thompson, LMFT
Sarah Sedlak, LCSW

Erin Ostberg, LCSW
Jennifer O'Connor, LMSW
Tracy Vris, LMSW
Brianna Nash, LCSW

Rachel Ameer, LMFT
Jamie Sabatino, LMFT
Robert Wething, LMFT
LINDSEY MILLER, Nutritionist

Chelsea Barabtarlo, LMFT
Josie Vega-Hinson, Psychologist
Andrew David, LPC
Amanda Troop, LPC

Brittany Cerreta LMFT
Lauren Proffitt, LMSW
Rachel Fiore, LPC
Briana Rogers, LPC