Nutritional Counseling For Mental Health


Your gut is connected to your brain. With increasing scientific evidence pointing to the effects of our food choices and eating habits as having profound impacts on our mood, cognition andoverall wellbeing, it's time to do a check-up. We offer individualized nutritional counseling with a holistic approach for better mental, emotional, and physical health.

Our specialists are knowledgeable about food reactions and food sensitivities, including the best foods to eat for optimum brain function. Conditions such as anxiety, depression, and brain fog, as well as medical conditions like autoimmune diseases, diabetes and leaky gut syndrome, can be treated successfully with a change in diet.


Highly skilled at tackling unconscious eating habits, our psych nutritionists have successfully helped many patients overcome their disordered eating by changing their relationship with food to be more satisfying. Combined with our individualized psychotherapy, you can learn powerful skills to tackle strongly held food beliefs, body image issues, and unhealthy habits.